But I’m Not a Housewife!

Domestic Bliss, Eventually

Day One

I’m staging an intervention for myself. I’ve just turned 30 and I’m still so domestically challenged that I often just give up. I’m one of those leave it for weeks until the in-laws are coming types of people.

And I don’t want to be like this anymore.

Who isn’t happier when she has a clean, fresh home?

My husband and I don’t own a home yet and we don’t yet have children. We plan to change both of those things within the next 5 years. I’m lucky to have a husband who enjoys cooking – when I’m trying my darnedest to learn to enjoy it. I want to give back to my family.

And one more thing: I am the child of a compulsive hoarder. You may have seen the episodes about this phenomenon on Oprah. It’s just as bad as it looks. Thus, I have my work cut out for me!

I want to learn to keep my house clean, fresh, inviting, and cozy.

I’m 30 years old and I vow to change my domestic ways.

It is obvious to me that if I can do this anyone can!

So join me on my journey. Offer me encouragement. Ask me to post photos of my house so that I am accountable. Learn from my mistakes and share your best tips with me.

As I turn over a new leaf, I vow to make journey more fun than chore – if that is even possible!



  blahgblahg wrote @

I too came from a family of pack rats. My problem became fairly serious throughout my first marriage, and my kids had to grow up with that. I’ve remarried to MR CLEAN…LOL…and have turned my life around. If you don’t use it, lose it. That’s my new motto. Life goes by too fast to put value in junk. Most things can be replaced fairly inexpensively if you find that you may “need it someday”. It is definite freedom. I relax everyday with my life and my husband…enjoying simplicity!

  Jessielme wrote @

Thank you for your comment, blahgblahg. You are the first on this blog!

And congradulations on your successful marriage. I agree that most things can be replaced fairly inexpensively if you find that you have given something away that you “need” again someday. I’ve also found that I’ve lost some things that meant a great deal to me as a result of living an unorganized lifestyle. These things I try to grieve for and move on. But it is certainly a freedom to get rid of things. I wish someday my mother could get more comfortable with this.

  Robyn wrote @

my latest trick to try to motivate myself to clean/organize/decorate the house is pictures. I recently got 3 pictures framed – 2 that are like fantasy photoshop pictures we got from an art show, and 1 that is a photo of some sort of out of business factory or something. Charley’s friend took it and enlarged it for him. We also just got a really big framed picture of the kids.

  paulinerusert wrote @

Good for you!
I’ve started a blog about hoarding as well and could use some encouragement. How has it been going? Are you making progress? I certainly hope so. Have you posted any pictures (before, during after)?
Best of luck!

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