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I feel guilty about the state of our tiny backyard. Perhaps I’ll post a picture of it so that my readers can give me their advice (but today:

  • my allergies are pretty bad, and
  • it’s Saturday, and
  • I start a new job on Monday, and
  • I just don’t feel like it, and
  • I would rather rest).

My husband and I have lived the student life for so many years that it is hard to get into the mindeset of taking care of a lawn. And perhaps it’s difficult because we don’t own our house. Or perhaps the guilt is simply worse since we don’t own our house.

One big problem I have is that I know nothing about plants. We have only one plant in our entire house – a Snake plant that requires virtually no care – which was bestowed upon us by my husband’s parents.

Other problems I have with lawn care:

  • I don’t really know what is a weed and what is not.
  • I actually feel guilty watering the brown patches on our lawn because I don’t want to waste water.
  • If I pull out the tangle of leafy things overtaking our lawn, I fear it will look worse!
  • I can’t bring myself to use the electric lawn mower provided for us by our landlord, because it’s too loud.
  • I don’t want to buy a push-mower because we don’t own our house.


But sites like this give me hope. It is one family’s answer to the problem of knowing little about nature.

The study is guide by the book Handbook of Nature Study and you can jump in and follow at any time.

I would really like to give it a try – I’ll let you know if I get around to it.



  raisintoast wrote @

Hi Jessica! When Bob and I married, we were both 33 yrs old and lived in a crappy apartment. Then 2 years later we moved to a townhouse and had a postage stamp for a yard – and it was pretty crappy too. Then we had a daughter, Sarah (who is now 14) and my home got messier. My yard was horrible and I envied people with nice lawns and bigger homes, and beautiful plants and flowers. What was I doing wrong? When the economy turned around we scraped together every last dollar and bought a single-family home on 3 acres in the country. It was gi-normous compared to what we had been crammed into for what seemed like an eternity. I loved the house, I loved, loved, loved the 3 acres, and I loved gardening for the first time in my life. I loved mowing grass and even got to the point I was mowing the yard twice in 2 directions to get that checkerboard. I know – anal. Oh well. The problem I had in that house was this – the neighbors sucked. They were Nasty, Cruel, Selfish, Clickish, Mean, and Obnoxious. They brought me to tears. We sold our house 3 years ago and moved to North Carolina from Maryland where we had lived all our lives. We are happy here but we have issues here too. Thankfully, not the neighbors. But the yard – holy canoli, what a MESS! Just remember this, no matter where you are there will be issues and problems and challenges. You’ll be fine. Try to keep benedryl on hand or whatever you can take for allergies and enjoy the change of seasons. Thank the Lord for your blessings and you will find joy no matter where you plant the roots of your home and family.


  Front Yard Landscaping wrote @

Natural vegetation is usually the easiest to maintain, the least demaning on resources and can be quite beautiful. You may want to try going for a more natural approach to your area.

Tom Kelley
Front Yard Landscaping

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