But I’m Not a Housewife!

Domestic Bliss, Eventually

On The Gentle Art of Domesticity


Like Glassford Hill Girl, the young author of a pretty blog I’ve just discovered, I’m curious about this new book by Jane Brocket, The Gentle Art of Domesticity. How can I not be in love with Jane Brocket when she has this to say on her personal website:

I’m a late-starter in life; I have never exactly rushed into things like proper jobs, house-buying, marriage, children. And the same applies to my writing. It seems I’ve been storing up all kinds of literary inspiration for years but am only now getting it onto paper….

I am also the creator of yarnstorm. I set up yarnstorm in February 2005 in order to write about knitting. The subject matter soon expanded to include quilting, baking, gardening, colour, inspiration, books, paintings and films (in fact, all the good things in domestic life). I am now blogging at the new jane brocket blog

This is true inspiration to a girl like me who is only now exploring her domestic side (and who is attempting to conquer her undomesticity) at the age of thirty. I often feel like I’m behind everyone else and clueless about these things – hence, my M.O. for this blog! Not only that, but I have latent aspirations of publishing my own writing someday (don’t we all, fellow bloggers?) and it was the creation of my first blog, The Shaggy Dog Story, a knitting blog, which led this new blog, where I spend most of my time musing about all things domestic.

My kindred spirit in the UK!

Has anyone bought or read this book yet? I usually get a Barnes & Noble gift card for Christmas, so perhaps I’ll get it soon and share more about it.


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