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My Last Oysters Ever


The lovely picnic spread.

My husband and I had a very lovely picnic dinner tonight to celebrate my return after leaving him alone over the holidays. He was working in the Intensive Care Unit this past week, while I was in California celebrating with my family and friends.

This is the first weekend he’s had off in a month and we had fun going to brunch and buying oysters! We had decided to check out a Seafood specialty store and bought a dozen oysters. We then spend two days trying to find a store that carried oyster shucking knifes. Tonight we laid out or picnic and went to town.

Tim shucking the oysters with his new knife.

Tim shucking the oysters with his new oyster shucking knife.

We're going to eat that!?

We're going to eat that!?


They were tasty.

Casey looked on while we ate.

Casey looked on while we ate.

The oysters didn't agree with me!

The oysters didn't agree with me!

Sadly, the oysters gave me a rash on my face and neck (I know it’s hard to see in this light, but my cheeks are pink and puffy. I probably will have to avoid oysters, mussels, and shrimp from now on because I’m in danger of having bad reaction – the kind that swells up your throat until you soffocate! Wah. Stupid allergies! 



  Susan wrote @

Ouch! I have the same reaction, but it wasn’t until I was in my 40s that I started to have them. I have to be careful, too, with some seafood. My eyes swelled shut once. I hope you clear up soon. No More Oysters For You!


  Charlie wrote @

Great blog.

My family eats oyster stew on Christmas Eve, a tradition that never ceases to turn my stomach. In a seaons of reds, greens, whites, and all manner of wonderful delights for all senses, they choose to plop a mound of dead marine life into a bowl and cook it into a grayish, morose bog.

Here’s to macaroni and cheese.

  anjali wrote @

oh no! your face!

  Blue Castle wrote @

You poor girl! Did you eat those raw? If so, you are braver than I. But, they did look good. I miss seafood – I grew up on the coast but now live thousands of miles from any ocean. 🙂

  Jessielme wrote @

Charlie, I love your description of the oyster stew! Tim actually wanted to make oyster stew out of those (as he grew up eating it in his family too), but I just didn’t think it sounded very appetizing! I wish you luck on your memoir. I’ll be checking your blog periodically.

And, Blue Castle, yup, we sure did eat them raw! And my biggest mistake is that I have trouble swallowing them without chewing. You’re supposed to let them “slide down your throat!” P.S. I love your blog’s new look!

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