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United States of Tara: I Love Toni Colette

I just watched a the first episode of Showtime’s new series in which Toni Colette plays a mom with multiple personalities. John Corbett plays her simpathetic and understanding husband. Honestly, the first episode presents as strong a marriage as anybody could hope for in today’s mixed-up world. According to Bust Magazine,

the crux of the story seems to be a modern woman trying to deal with shifting expectations of women – something we can all relate to, even with only a single personality.

It’s an interesting premiss for a show because Dissociative Identity Disorder is so controversial and reputedly not an actual disease. It’s best to take the approach of the commenter DebbieS, who responded,

As a Psych PhD myself, I’d go with the idea that this disorder does not really exist. So, in the show, I just accept it as a literary construct, a way for Diablo to tell this story and deal with particular issues, just like some scripts use vampires to get certain ideas across. (Emphasis mine.)

Or as Kimmy Gibbler responded,

I’m loving this in the way that I love House and Weeds: just ignore the silly premise of the show and love the characters. (Yes!)

I find both observations to be very true. The bright minds and talented actors behind this show are not at all asserting that it is a real disease, or that this is how Dissociative Identity Disorder is. But it is a provacative look at family relationships and the ways that women are expected to behave. It makes you think: and that’s just good TV.

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