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If You’re Looking for a Good At-Home Workout: Bottoms Up!

It’s that time of year again, the time when I’m actually motivated to do something about the state of my spreading bottom. Years ago I found a particular exercise book at my mother’s house, by Joyce Vedral, that was so funny and yet informative, that I had to steal it. I was nearing age twenty-five and had finally decided it was time to get off my behind. Before I go on, take a look at the book cover:

Bottoms UpLOL! At first I couldn’t take it seriously, because, I’m sorry Joyce, but who wants to look like that? (Well, in later books, she did update her hair.) But as I started reading it I really believed that she knew what she was doing and that she cared about people. She has a policy that she will write back to every person who contacts her with questions or success stories. What sold it for me was the before and after pictures she had put in the book; she really did look ten times better at 40 than at 25. And the best part – it is a work-out that you can do in your own home.

The truth is, despite the fact that my husband and I have a great gym membership through his work, I hate, hate, hate┬áto go to the gym. Right now I’m lucky enough (for the first time in my life) to have found a girlfriend to walk several miles with me several times a week and that has been a great start, but when it’s time to up the anty, I’ll probably drag this book off the shelf again.