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Note to self: When you get in your car and it veers to the left or right when you start driving, you most likely have a flat tire! Pull over immediately and check all tires. 

Photo via PopularMechanics

Photo via PopularMechanics

On my way to work today, the above happened. I quickly called my husband, who I knew would just be ariving back at work after his lunch break and asked, Did you notice that my steering alignment is all @%#$ up and veers to the right?” (Pardon my French, my adrenaline was surging and I was fighting the urge to panic – Oh no, not my car!!!!) Well, he didn’t realize that veering to the side means you have a flat tire either, so I ended up driving it just long enough before pulling over to ruin the tire completely. I almost bucked up and changed it myself – I know it isn’t that hard – but I was missing part of the jack, the part that cranks around and basically makes it work.

So, here I am a couple of hours later, after help from the Principal of my school; two new tires, and too much money spent.

And, I’m still obsessed with the name of my blog. This Joyful Housewife name just won’t do for me if I’m not the only blogger with that name. I wonder: How can I still be unique, yet still advertise my fascination with all things housewife?

Hey you out there, every woman should know how to change a flat tire, so here are two sites you might want to review:

PopularMechanics: Saturday Mechanic

eHow: How to Change a Flat Tire



  posteret wrote @

Eeek! I have driven on a flat before too. It is a horrid sensation. I managed to limp the car home and then abandoned it on the driveway and walked to the station…

My friend drove for miles on a flat, she wondered why people were flashing their lights at her. Sparks were flying from the metal hitting the road…. she blamed having her stereo on too loud to hear the noise!

  Jessielme wrote @

It is a horrid sensation! And that’s terrible about your friend!

Well, my recent flat tire brought back the memory and guilt of my first flat, years ago, the day after my Godfather (the man who raised me) died. I, in my early 20s, living on my own, got up that morning in a fog of grief to meet the family at the morgue and discuss funeral plans. I hardly even noticed that my car was “acting funny.”

When my Godfather’s brother found out that I drove the whole way there on a flat tire, he didn’t see a grieving young girl, he saw a waste of money: “You drove on a flat tire! Why did you drive on that tire?! You might have been able to save it!”

I was bewildered, because, well, my Godfather was a frugal man, too. Apparently, I was defective and careless because I didn’t know when to pull over.

And, well, I still haven’t learned my lesson! But, in the end, I’d rather have my loved ones near me than the money that I’ve spent on tires, so, there you go. It’s not the end of the world. It is a bummer though!

[…] as I wrote previously, after that incident, I had a flat tire on my way to work which was so bad that I had to buy new […]

  A Tasty Salad and A Very Good Day | The Joyful Housewife wrote @

[…] as I wrote previously, after that incident, I had a flat tire on my way to work which was so bad that I had to buy new […]

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