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Heloise and Playboy: His and Hers Thrift Store Finds

My husband and I recently spent a lovely Sunday strolling up and down South Broadway St. in Denver, which is rightly called antique row. We each found a book that we couldn’t live without – published in 1970 and 1971, respectively.


Playboy's Bar Guide

I mean seriously, how have we survived without these books!? The covers are priceless and the info inside is top notch.

The inside cover to Heloise’s Hints for Working Women beckons:

Leading a Double Life?

Are you the lady of the house–and the brains of a business? The wife and the working girl? The comforting mama and the chic careerist?

And on the back:

Try Letting

your mattress do your ironing!

your old nylons do your scrubbing!

Cut Cooking Time

by slicing pies before freezing!

by making “squareburger”-hamburgers!

Be Prettier Quicker

by wetting rollers instead of hair!

These will be fun to read. I’ll share the best gems of wisdom with you as I come to them.


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