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For Those Who Have Everything (And Need To Keep It All Organized)

Have you heard of Blis (Best Life Information System)? If you are a reader of I’m an Organizing Junkie, you probably have (I think I found out about it by clicking on an icon on that blog). It’s a database to organize every single aspect of your life. According to the website:

BLIS is organized into 7 thoughtful sections: calendar, to do & to plan, home, health, activities, my choice, and address book. The web pages print easily to beautifully pre-designed pages; perfect for saving hard copies in the stylish leather bound binder. 

You can view the demo here.

I think it looks really cool, but I can’t believe how expensive it is! I guess I would expect it to have a one time fee of $125, like most software, not a yearly fee. What happens when you can’t pay that anymore? Do you lose everything you’ve saved?

I just don’t think I can afford something like that… (*Sniff*)




  Robyn wrote @

I actually prefer things like that in paper, fuck the environment, format. I can’t explain why. I also prefer catalogs to internet shopping, except maybe when it comes to books.

  Jessielme wrote @

Yeah, I do too. I like to turn the pages and then throw them away. On the subject of doing away with paper, some college in Missouri is switching to all eBooks for their textbooks. Urgh, I’m didn’t go to college there. I don’t think I could study without books.

Anyway, part of the idea behind this Blis thing is that all your info will still be out there in the Internet database if your house burns down. Clever huh? Plus, you can still print everything out and keep in in the pretty leather binder they give you.

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