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Millet For Breakfast

Hey y’all. I’ve got the sniffles, but the end of the semester is almost here! Two more days of teaching and then I get ready to see my family in California. Apparently there was just an earthquake there last night. Yikes! At least it wasn’t worse than that.

I’m starting a new habit of eating millet for breakfast. It’s a great whole grain and so fast and simple. We cook a large batch on Sunday (it’s so easy, just boil like rice) and keep it in a tupperware in the fridge. For breakfast, I just microwave a bowl full and add a little bit of honey, milk, walnuts, and raisins.

Breakfast Millet

Millet for Breakfast

For those of you who are gluten free (though I’m not sure I believe that’s necessary) there it is a gluten free whole grain!!!


  crstarlette wrote @

How long does it last in the fridge? Not necessarily before it becomes a health concern, but just before its taste and/or texture is less desirable?

  Jessielme wrote @

Well, we seem to eat it all up within a week, maybe week and a half. The taste and texture doesn’t seem get yucky at all. You should totally try it! It is an excellent substitution for rice with a meal (and to tell you the truth, I like it better than brown rice), as a hot breakfast, or light lunch. We just ate it for lunch with frozen peas, sliced green onions, soy sauce, and sesame oil (which is a bit expensive, but sometimes not so bad at Asian markets – maybe all that money saved eating cheap millet can allow a person to splurge on the oil). And if you want it savory, but don’t have sesame oil, it’s good with regular olive oil (or butter, I suppose) and parmesan cheese, with salt and cracked pepper.

Really, once you have it in the fridge precooked, you can mix anything with it and have a super quick meal. Tim is now chopping up tofu (I think he’s trying to be on a diet) and sauteing it, then keeping that in a separate tupperware to add to his mug full of millet for breakfast.

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