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A Tasty Salad and A Very Good Day

Today is shaping up to be a very good day despite the fact that we had a spring snow storm yesterday, and the day before I got another flat tire! 

Snowy Day1

Snowy1Snowy Dog1

Snowy Dog2Snowy Dog4

Digression: This is the third flat tire in about two months! It started the week after my crazy neighbor yelled at me early one morning for parking in front of his house. The entire street is mostly empty; this is not one of those neighborhoods in which you have to search for parking everyday. But he “didn’t understand why we would be so inconsiderate as to park in front of his house and trample on his lawn.” (You know that strip of lawn between the sidewalk and the curb? We are so inconsiderate!) That particular morning, although there had been snow on the ground for several days, it being winter still, his gardener was about to arrive and would have no where to park his truck. What!? Apparently, this was some special gardening/watering service. Yet, what were they going to water in the winter!? “And besides,” he continued to yell, “when his friends come to visit, they don’t know where to park (because apparently they can’t figure out that the opposite side of the street is completely empty).” 

So, as I wrote previously, after that incident, I had a flat tire on my way to work which was so bad that I had to buy new tires. Then my husband got a flat tire, but was able to add air and the tire was okay. Then I got another one! and am crossing my fingers that I don’t need to buy new tires. Argh! Either our psycho neighbor is harassing us, or there are neighborhood hooligans vandalizing us, or, as my other neighbor suggested, “maybe it’s just a string of unfortunate circumstances.” Translation: The universe is out to get us.

Back to today: It has been a good day! Tim got to come home between clinics to work-out and eat lunch, and I made a gorgeous and tasty salad in continuation of my Mark Bittman inspired cooking streak.

Here is a preview of the salad (I’ll post the recipe and all that tomorrow):

Salad With Garlic Walnut Beets

New Title, Old Blog

Note to self: When you get in your car and it veers to the left or right when you start driving, you most likely have a flat tire! Pull over immediately and check all tires. 

Photo via PopularMechanics

Photo via PopularMechanics

On my way to work today, the above happened. I quickly called my husband, who I knew would just be ariving back at work after his lunch break and asked, Did you notice that my steering alignment is all @%#$ up and veers to the right?” (Pardon my French, my adrenaline was surging and I was fighting the urge to panic – Oh no, not my car!!!!) Well, he didn’t realize that veering to the side means you have a flat tire either, so I ended up driving it just long enough before pulling over to ruin the tire completely. I almost bucked up and changed it myself – I know it isn’t that hard – but I was missing part of the jack, the part that cranks around and basically makes it work.

So, here I am a couple of hours later, after help from the Principal of my school; two new tires, and too much money spent.

And, I’m still obsessed with the name of my blog. This Joyful Housewife name just won’t do for me if I’m not the only blogger with that name. I wonder: How can I still be unique, yet still advertise my fascination with all things housewife?

Hey you out there, every woman should know how to change a flat tire, so here are two sites you might want to review:

PopularMechanics: Saturday Mechanic

eHow: How to Change a Flat Tire