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The Argentine Hearts of Palm Salad and My Attempt at Tim’s Deconstructed Pesto

Hearts of Palm

I had a wonderful New Year’s Eve in California with some of my best girlfriends, whom I only get to see once a year. We decided to cook dinner before going out. I mentioned the Deconstructed Pesto, since it’s easy and one of the few dishes for which I can think of the ingredients off the top of my head. We also had on hand cans of olives, hearts of palm (a unique and delicious food that I had never eaten before), and artichoke hearts, as well as avocados and tomatoes. My friend, Misty, arranged the beautiful salad you see above based on a salad that her Argentinian father makes, which is composed of just hearts of palm, tomatoes, and olives. Drizzle some good olive oil on top, pepper, and serve.

A couple of suggestions to make the best tasting salad (these things I  know because my husband and I tried to recreate the salad on the night of the oysters, and made several mistakes):

  •  Use grape or cherry tomatoes and keep them whole, the hearts of palm are already tangy and the extra acidity from sliced tomatoes throws of the whole salad.
  • Use good quality whole hearts of palm, not the “salad” or “sliced” style.
  • Add olive oil and pepper, but leave off the salt and vinegar for people to add themselves on their own plate, again, the salad is already salty and tangy, a dash of salt and vinegar tastes good, but the salad should not be left to marinate in them.
  • Finally, for a special night, add artichoke hearts and avocado, as we did on New Year’s Eve. The smoothness of the avocado creates a lovely balance for this tangy salad.

Below is proof that we were indeed cooking:

We were proud that we mangaged all this food preparation despite the fact that this was the amount of wine and port we had for three young women:

A lot of Booze

My mother was given these bottles after a wine tasting the day before, so we had a fun night of tasting $10-25 bottles of wine, mostly Pinot Noir, and $30 Tawny Ports. We hardly made a dent in the bottles and gave them back to my mom the next day.

And finally, a view of our picnic spread:

Supper Spread

Whoops, a noodle is trying to escape.