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Heloise and Playboy: His and Hers Thrift Store Finds

My husband and I recently spent a lovely Sunday strolling up and down South Broadway St. in Denver, which is rightly called antique row. We each found a book that we couldn’t live without – published in 1970 and 1971, respectively.


Playboy's Bar Guide

I mean seriously, how have we survived without these books!? The covers are priceless and the info inside is top notch.

The inside cover to Heloise’s Hints for Working Women beckons:

Leading a Double Life?

Are you the lady of the house–and the brains of a business? The wife and the working girl? The comforting mama and the chic careerist?

And on the back:

Try Letting

your mattress do your ironing!

your old nylons do your scrubbing!

Cut Cooking Time

by slicing pies before freezing!

by making “squareburger”-hamburgers!

Be Prettier Quicker

by wetting rollers instead of hair!

These will be fun to read. I’ll share the best gems of wisdom with you as I come to them.


A ‘Lil Sugar for Your Coffee This Morning: A Post in Two Parts

Part One

Having studied Linguistics, I’m not often offended by any single word. Words simply exist. And yet, context and history often do combine to load words with unpleasant connotations. Take the word housewife. I have put it in the title of my blog and still, I cringe when I hear it. Perhaps I feel I can claim this word  because I also work part-time in and out of the home and feel that I use it ironically in this new millennium.  I’m not yet a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom), I’m not a very good homemaker, and somehow, SAHW (stay-at-home-wife) bothers me most of all. I think there will always be debates over these words.

For commentary on the use of housewife vs. SAHM vs. homemaker, check out lilsugar.com – Tell Mommy: Does the Term “Housewife” Offend You?

Part Two

Image via themediansib.com

Image via The Median Sib

In my last post, I wrote the first of many posts on marriage. For a fun article on “Marrying One’s Self” check out Sexy in Van City, a blog by several 30-something gals living in Vancouver, BC. Enjoy yesterday’s post by Kittyn:  A la French Maid! 1950s House Wife Cleans The Home… the sexy way, in which she describes her transition from dating herself in 2008, to marrying herself in 2009. Gone will be the cluttered home, piles of clothes, rotting leftovers, (sinks full of dishes, if she’s anything like me) as she uses healthy, homemade cleaning products (baking soda, vinegar, and lavender oil) and gets dressed up in a fun, feminine costume, turning on the tunes and considering it a workout. 

I enjoyed Kittyn’s post immensely and it has provoked a lot of self-reflection. I find it a wise revelation in many ways. First, one must value herself before she can expect to be valued by a man (or partner). And second, it echos the sentiment of of homemaking in general. When we “nest,” or “home-make,” or “play house,” we are creating a pleasant environment for our loved ones (spouse, children, family) and for our selves to live happily and stress free in a hectic world.