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I Feel So Lazy Today


This picture is an illustration of the kind of week it has been. Tim is post-call today and is napping; Casey is always napping; I’m trying to get something productive done today, but can’t seem to get out of my pajamas. 

Today is the kind of day where you feel dirty even though you’ve actually managed to shower. Actually, it’s been a real effort to shower lately. While usually, I crawl out of my skin if I don’t manage to shower by 10 AM, lately, I’ve been disinterested in the whole process. But, I did manage to shower today, and I still feel gross! My hair feels limp and yucky. I’m too fat for all of my clothes and can’t stand wearing the one pair of jeans which actually fit me because they need to be washed. I feel frumpy and dumpy – I guess this is a call to start integrating exercise and healthy eating into my life. 

As for integrating productivity into the rest of today, I’ll spend it making plans for the rest of my week – see, I have the luxury of a spring break since I’m a teacher, but somehow it’s Tuesday already, and I’ve done almost nothing I’d hoped to do. I’d like to blame it on the weather and the flat tire I got last week, but I’m sure it’s really just laziness. (I haven’t even managed to post the recipe for the beet salad I wrote about last week, and all I really need to do is post a link to the New York Times page which it’s on.)

At the moment, I’m taking a break from washing dishes (while those in the tiny dish drainer are drying), watching Disney’s The Rescuers, and trying to interest myself in making lists. I’ve never been a good list-maker – just like I’ve never been a good diary-writer – but I think the reason I never get anything done is because I do nothing for a long time (days, weeks), and then want to do everything I’m not doing all at once. Like now: I simultaneously want to learn to cook, clean my house, finish my lesson plans early, exercise, eat more healthfully, and lose weight. Plus, my husband and I want to start a container garden this year. So, what I end up doing is picking up fifty books from the library on all of these subjects and then perusing them until I’ve lost all motivation to do any of these things (since you may not believe me about the quantity of books, I’ll try to post an actual picture of all the books I have out from the library tomorrow – if I can get off my butt). 

Alrighty then! I shall spend the rest of the evening making lists and dividing goals into doable steps. We’ll see how it goes!


(P.S. My husband is not very happy that I posted these pics. But my snoozing lads are soooo cute!)


What’s Wrong With This Picture?

This is the type of thing I don’t want to represent my life anymore.

Did you figure it out?

There is a smoke alarm sitting on my bookshelf with its battery removed. Did you know that smoke alarms don’t work without batteries? Also, isn’t it illegal or something to take down the smoke alarm in a rented home?

And what’s more – it took us like three days for us to address this problem. We live in a row house and the neighbor in the middle house caught me in the backyard before work to ask me if I had noticed a beeping sound “like every 15 seconds.”

“Yeah,” I said. “I think it’s probably our smoke alarm or something.”

“Yeah…I’ve been hearing it when I’m in this room working and it’s kind of distracting.”

“Oh, sure, sure. Well, my husband and I are home today so we’ll investigate this and get it solved.”

I followed the sound and within five minutes, found the offending smoke alarm – after three days. It was in the basement and echoed right up through the floor into my neighbors house.

So I quickly solved the problem. I removed the battery. And there it sits. It could sit there for a year before my husband and I either find a battery for it or go out and buy new ones.

This is the story of my life.

Well, not anymore. I’ll update you when we get the battery in and put it back up. Let’s see how many days it will take….