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As if figuring out how to do the housekeeping at age 30 isn’t enough, the hubby and I are really, really  broke these days.

The funny thing is, since we’ve gotten back from a month long trip to a Navajo Reservation in Arizona, we haven’t been able to get my car to start. This is funny because I’m not spending any money on gas but we are still way in the hole.  (The other funny thing is – we take road trips – long road trips, across the country. With gas prices these days, that is definitely not frugal.)

And we are not big materialists. Both of our CRT TVs were so old this year that the color had gone wonky. All green and yellow for the one upstairs, and all red and blue for the one down. Conveniently, when we moved into this old house in June I bought an awesome TV for $30 at a garage sale – much better color – still not a flat screen.

Furthermore, we, like my best friend and her boyfriend almost never buy new clothes. She says they just realized that in nearly every photo for the past three years they are wearing the same outfits. That sounds familiar.

Mostly we spend a lot of money on food and wine. My husband is a big foodie. We don’t have cable anymore right now and we borrow old episodes of Julia & Jacques and Two Fat Ladies from the library, since we can’t watch the food network. So we are saving on cable but still indulging in food and wine. Way too much.

(If you’ve never actually watched Two Fat Ladies, check out this article: The Two Fat Ladies…and Why We Love Them, by Mecca Ibrahim or watch this video clip.)

But we’ve been really diligent about eating at home this month, so I hope that if we keep it up, we’ll start seeing a difference. I’ll post more about that in the future.

For the time being, I had no idea that there was a genre of blogs about personal finance. How weird is that? They’re actually very educational, and hence fit in well with my goal to overhaul my house and my life this year.

Get Rich Slowly’s post for today scares the heck out of me, but I’ll have to face this issue sooner or later.

(I discovered this blog via Paranoid Asteroid, which is pretty entertaining, and slightly educating.)

Anyway, that’s enough of the issue of finances for the day. I’m going to go veg for awhile and think about nothing until my job interview tomorrow morning.